11 ways to increase reading interest that you can try

You can get many benefits from reading books, such as reducing stress, reducing symptoms of depression, facilitating sleep, and preventing cognitive decline. However, the low interest in reading causes this activity to be less attractive to some people. As a solution, you can learn various ways to increase reading interest below.

11 ways to increase reading interest that you can try

Increase children's interest in reading by reading books often

Reading interest is the potential to read voluntarily or the desire to read on one's own impulse.

Starting from routine visits to the library, buying books with light content, to presenting books in every day-to-day problem. Here's how to cultivate an interest in reading that you can try, both for adults and children.

1. Make books a reality

One way to cultivate an interest in reading in yourself is to make books a reality. For example, you have just read a book about natural beauty in Indonesia.

So that you can feel the beauty described in the book, you can visit the beautiful places that you have just read.

This method is also effective for children. Take them on vacation and really feel what's in the book. By making books a reality, their reading interest can be increased.

2. 'Get acquainted' with world-renowned writers

Finding out about famous writers is considered as an effective way to cultivate interest in reading. By getting to know him, you are expected to be more curious about his books.

One of the famous writers who may be able to attract attention is Roald Dahl. He is a British writer who has released more than 20 popular books, from Matilda to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which have been adapted into films.

3. Read the book first, then watch the movie

Today, many famous books are made into films. To increase your interest in reading, try making a rule to read the book first, then watch the movie.

Besides Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there are many interesting books that have been made into films. One that you can try is Bridge to Terabithia. The film is based on the book of the same name and written by Katherine Paterson in 1977.

4. Display books at home

You can also display books at home as a way to foster interest in reading. If you have a lot of books at home, don't hide them where you can't see them.

Show off your favorite books at the dining table, living room chairs, or in the bedroom. By looking at many books around, it is hoped that it can foster an interest in reading for you or other family members at home.

5. Go to the library

Some parents may be wondering, how do you develop a child's interest in reading? One thing you can try is a trip to the library with him.

Don't just go to the shopping center, take your child to the library every now and then. By seeing the number of titles and book covers in the library, it is hoped that children's interest in reading will grow.

Let children explore the vast library while looking at the thousands of books there. You can also register him in the library so that he will be more diligent in reading later.

This can also be used as a way to increase interest in reading among students. Teachers can take their students to the school library or a large library in their area to foster interest in reading.

More than that, the existence of a library can also be used as a way to increase people's interest in reading. The more libraries that can be visited, it is hoped that it will increase the number of people who are interested in reading books there.

6. Start with a book with a 'light' content

One method to increase students' reading interest that teachers and parents can do at home is to choose books with easy-to-understand content.

It is natural for children or students at school to feel lazy when the book they want to read contains content that is too 'heavy'. To overcome this, try starting from books whose content is light and easy to understand.

Start with children's books on topics that interest him, such as dinosaurs, pets, or robots filled with colors and pictures. With topics that are light and easy to understand, children's interest in reading is expected to grow.

7. Present books in everyday problems

Make books as a place to find solutions
The way to increase reading interest that is worth trying is to present books in every problem or daily activity. This method can also be practiced for children.

For example, your child will welcome the presence of a new born sibling. Try giving him a book about being a good big brother.

If your child is getting ready for school, give him a book about school activities. Later, the little one is expected to get used to finding answers to his problems through books.

For adults, try to find books that deal with everyday problems, such as about household, work, hobbies, or motivational books, to add to the zest for life.

8. Make a book a gift

Another strategy to increase your child's interest in reading that you can try is to give a book as a gift.

Giving gifts to children when he does well in school or behaves well is one way to motivate him. If you've been giving him gifts in the form of clothes, food, or pocket money, try a book as a gift. Thus, children are expected to be able to start reading books actively.

Also, if your child wants to give a gift to a friend at school, recommend a book. This can make children realize that books can be a way to 'connect' with their friends.

This way to increase reading motivation also applies to adults. Try giving a book as a gift to your relatives or family so that they are more interested in reading books regularly.

9. Be a role model for children

One way to foster interest in reading in early childhood that parents can do is to be a good role model for them. Because, children will imitate many habits of parents. Therefore, you need to set an example with good things, such as reading a book.

Try reading books regularly in front of the children. Also, don't forget to discuss the contents of the book with your child, especially if it is an interesting book for them.

Show your child that reading books can bring you happiness. Thus, children's interest in reading can be increased.

For teachers, this can also be used as a way to increase students' reading interest. Set an example for the children in class by regularly reading books in their spare time.

10. Always take a book with you when you leave the house

The next way to increase interest in reading is to take a book with you when you leave the house.

When you're not busy with work or waiting for something, take the book out of your bag and start reading it.

11. Looking for a quiet and quiet place

One way to cultivate an interest in reading that is considered effective is to find a quiet and quiet place, where you can sit quietly and read a book without distractions.

Avoid places filled with devices, such as televisions, computers, or laptops, so you don't get distracted.

There are many benefits to be gained from reading books. Therefore, try various ways to increase interest in reading in the above children.

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