5 Kinds of Sports to Elevate the Body

5 Kinds of Sports to Elevate the Body, Doing sports to elevate the body is one of the solutions for those who are not confident in their height. Especially if you are in the growing period, the sport can work more effectively, you know! If you want to gain height, just try the following five elevated sports.


1. Basketball

When it comes to sports to elevate, basketball is one of the most popular choices. In this sport, you are required to run and jump constantly.

Therefore, the growth plate will experience shocks so that blood can flow to the slab and help stimulate growth.

In basketball games, there is a movement called a slam dunk where the player jumps while throwing or snatching the ball from the opponent.

This movement will make you feel like you are flying in the air and fighting gravity and stretching your muscles. When touching the ground after a slam dunk, the body contracts and causes the muscles and bones to grow taller.

2. Swim

Just like basketball, swimming becomes a sport to elevate the most favorite body. Swimming can help form good posture while strengthening the spine.

When swimming, the muscles of the body will actively move in water that requires greater effort, because the movements are done horizontally and against gravity, then the chest and upper body will stretch and contract so as to increase bone growth.

3. Cycling

In the new normal, bicycles are again loved either as a means of transportation or media for sports. In addition to improving stamina, cycling is also considered a sport to elevate the body.

When moving the bike, the lower body is heavier on duty. This triggers the increased blood flow in the thigh and knee muscles so that it can stimulate growth.

Cycling can also optimize lung performance as a supplier of blood in order for the body to get oxygen. That's why the upper body will get stronger and help the growth process.

4. Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the sports to elevate the body because its movements require jumping or jumping. Such movements can trigger growth hormone.

However, in order for growth hormone to work optimally, you must regularly do volleyball at least 3 – 4 times a week. When the routine is done, who knows you'll have high posture like most volleyball athletes, right?

5. Yoga

In addition to the above exercises, yoga is also considered effective as a sport to elevate the body. Simple and replicable yoga moves can be easily done even at home without having to go to a special field or gym. In yoga, there are movements such as stretching and elongating the body.

Such movements can trigger a growth of several centimeters in height. Examples of yoga moves that can increase your height are tree poses, mountain poses, triangle poses, chakrasana, Surya namaskar, and adho mukha svanasana. Besides being able to increase height, these movements can also improve your posture, you know!
If you want to increase height, five exercise recommendations to elevate the above body you can do regularly. In addition to improving posture and increasing height, the above exercises will also make you more actively moving to keep your body always healthy and fit. Especially during the current coronavirus pandemic, a healthy and fit body is very important.

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