Which Are The Dangers, Eating Or Avoiding Eggs?

Which Are The Dangers, Eating Or Avoiding Eggs?, As you probably already know, the Feast of Easter for Christians is near. This holiday is often associated with eggs. Often, as a memorial, events are held looking for or decorating "easter eggs" for children in various places. It made me think and then felt a little sad for the eggs.

Why? Because the Feast of Passover may be the only day of the year where eggs are rewarded or honored (until sought and decorated). On other days, eggs are often avoided, set aside, or discarded yellow, which can be identified with the heart in humans.

As long as we care about our health, eggs, especially yolks should be one food that we absolutely must appreciate and always look for.

Here are some facts that support the "absolutely":


Best Protein Sources

For starters, eggs are arguably the most perfect food provided by nature. The amount is plentiful, ins mahal, easy to serve in hundreds or even thousands of ways, and is filled with abundant vitamins. Not only that, but eggs are also one of the best protein sources on planet Earth!

Best Choline Source

Choline is a very important substance to maintain the health of the body, especially in maintaining cardiovascular and brain functions, as well as in maintaining the health of cell membranes, choline is an important component of phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine) in cell membranes. Without enough phosphatidylcholine, fat and cholesterol will accumulate in the liver.

So actually, what's happened all this time is ironic. Many people, including you, may avoid the yolk all this time for fear of cholesterol buildup. Choline in the yolk prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the liver. After all, speaking of cholesterol, cholesterol in eggs has no effect on cholesterol in your blood.

Besides, the presence of choline in the diet also reduces the risk of heart disease. In the body, choline forms a bond called betaine, which reduces homocysteine levels in the body. Homocysteine is one of the important risk factors for heart disease.

And not to mention, choline also plays an important role in the formation of acetylcholine, a compound essential for brain function, such as remembering and thinking. According to the Physicians' Desk Reference, sufficient levels of acetylcholine in the brain will protect us from the dangers of impaired brain function such as Alzheimer's disease or senile.

Knowing the function of choline that is vital for the body and eggs (especially its yolks) as the best source of choline, it is feasible and appropriate that we consider it an absolute healthy food for our health!

Sources of High Vitamins and Minerals

One large egg can provide 18% of our daily needs for Riboflavin (B vitamins), 14% of the daily need for vitamin B12, and 29% of the daily need for selenium, which has cancer-fighting properties.

Not only that, but eggs also contain high sulfur minerals, which support healthy hair and nail growth.

And the Last One...

If all this time you avoid the yolk for fear of its "bad fats" (saturated fats), let this calm your heart. The fat in the yolk is mostly monounsaturated, just like the type of fat in olive oil, which we know is very good for health. Of the entire fat content in the yolk, only 30% is saturated fat, while 35% is monounsaturated fat.

So it is clear, that eggs are not our enemy, but rather a very powerful and reliable friend in the fight against various health hazards. Don't look for eggs only during Easter! Find and eat eggs all year round, so your brain and heart function will stay awake!

Lastly, which ones are dangerous, eating, or avoiding eggs? The answer is obvious!
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