7 Types of Amnesia to Know

7 Types of Amnesia to KnowAmnesia is one of the diseases that can occur suddenly, or develop slowly. It could be that this condition is a symptom of a serious health problem that interferes with memory.


Amnesia itself is a condition when a person loses his memory, this disorder causes a person who can not remember the experiences, events that have been experienced and remember information. In addition, people with amnesia will also find it difficult to form new memories. Amnesia is also distinguished into several kinds, namely:

Amnesia Anterograde

This type of amnesia is a memory disorder related to past events that are still inherent in people with this type of amnesia. However, people with anemia can only remember the events that have passed.

The cause is due to the presence of inflammation in parts of a person's brain tissue, as a result of a disease. It is also possible that this condition occurs because the sufferer has alcohol poisoning that attacks the brain. Well, as a result of this anterograde amnesia, sufferers can only remember events and events before experiencing amnesia.

Amnesia Retrograde

This type of amnesia is aimed at someone who has difficulty regaining memories of the past. This causes a person to have this type of amnesia because they have suffered an injury to the brain or have undergone surgery on the head, resulting in a partial loss of memory. It could be amnesia due to a lack of nutrients in the body or damage to the brain.

Blackout Amnesia

This type of amnesia is caused by consuming too much alcohol and illegal drugs. A person experiencing blackout amnesia will lose his memory in a drunken state. Once conscious, people who experience this blackout will forget what is said or done when they are drunk.

Transient Global Amnesia

People with this type of amnesia will usually experience memory loss in certain events completely, even if the event has just happened. This type of amnesia is caused by head-related injuries as a result of over-doing seduous activities.

Amnesia Lakunar

People with amnesia will experience memory loss of a random event. This type of amnesia will not damage memories of the past or the recent. This type of amnesia occurs because a person has damage to the part of the brain that occurs in the limbs.

Dissociative Amnesia

This type of amnesia is a condition when the sufferer is unable to remember a variety of personal information that is even considered very important. People with this type of amnesia may forget what their name is and everything that is closely related to their persona.

Usually, people with this type of amnesia have had accidents that resulted in trauma to their head, or it can also be due to stressful conditions.

Infantile Amnesia

This type of amnesia is another term for childhood amnesia. This amnesia results in adults not being able to remember memories or events with the specifics of childhood. The cause could be because people with this type of amnesia undergo brain reorganization with the entry of new things into their brains for them to learn.

Pay attention to the symptoms of amnesia that occur in yourself or those closest to you. The amnesia that is not treated by a doctor may worsen the condition of amnesia that is being experienced.

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