4 Negative Impacts of Waking Up for a Nap

4 Negative Impacts of Waking Up for a NapHow do you start the day? As it turns out, starting the day early can help increase productivity and focus throughout the rest of the day. However, are you a group of people who are used to staying up late and waking up too late? Did you know that this habit is not good for the health of the body? Find the discussion below!

The body needs time to rest, not only at night but also during the day. If you are overly congested during the day and do not allow your body to rest at night, this is very dangerous for your health. Unfortunately, there are still many people who consider this trivial and continue to maintain the habit.


4 Negative Impacts of Waking Up for a Nap

Some people have to give up their night's sleep to work if they take a shift job. This makes the bedtime reversed because it has to do activities at night when the body is supposed to rest. It doesn't matter as long as the body gets enough time to rest.

Often, the negative impact of sleep deprivation occurs if you are used to staying up late and waking up too early. However, waking up too late is just as negative as staying up late. No, waking up during the day doesn't mean you've managed to replace the lost hours of sleep. You will feel the following impacts in the body:

1. Headaches

Excessive sleep can lead to headaches. This condition occurs due to the work of chemical compounds in the brain or neurotransmitters as well as serotonin. When the performance of this compound is impaired, there will be problems with the activity in the brain, so you will feel a headache.

2. Obesity

Sleeping longer than 9 to 10 hours also increases the risk of obesity. This condition can also be an impact when you experience sleep deprivation. When you sleep too long, you will skip meals, so it will make you overeat when you wake up later.

3. Risk of Mental Disorders

Difficulty sleeping or insomnia can have an impact on the risk of depression. However, it turns out that some people with depression also experience excessive sleep problems.

If this condition is not treated, depression will get worse. Not only that, but excessive sleep also increases the risk of anxiety disorders, difficulty concentrating memory impairment, and fatigue.

4. Pain

Back pain can subside by resting. However, too long sleep increases the risk of back pain. Sleeping too long, especially in the same position, such as on your back, will make the spine stiff and painful.

Lack of sleep or sleeping too long is often misinterpreted. Although lack of sleep is not good for health, sleeping too long is just as bad. The important thing you should keep in mind is that you get the rest time according to your needs, which is for 7 - 8 hours.

However, instead of going to bed late to wake up more during the day, you are recommended to go to bed early and wake up early. Waking up in the morning will make your body fresher and productivity will increase. You also have more time to get active.

Those are 4 Negative Impacts of Waking Up for a Nap, Maybe just so many articles this time hopefully can add to your insights and can be useful for you thank you.

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