5 Ways to Have a Healthy Body Image

M.OHANG - 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Body Image. Too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, hair loss and balding, too hairy... The barrage of things we want to change from our appearance may be due to seeing too many influencers' appearances on our social media. 

We may know that targeted advertising on social media is designed to provoke us to cause envy. Even though we already know this, we still feel that other people's bodies are more 'ideal'. Here are five easy ways to reclaim our control over our perception of our bodies or commonly called body images.


5 Ways to Have a Healthy Body Image

1. What do you feel?

Going on a super strict diet and working too hard illustrates that we are obsessed with 'ideal' appearance rather than wanting to live healthier. Being healthy means what we feel from within and then radiated out, not something visible in the eyes alone. 

Healthy is a feeling of light and relief in undergoing activities, not feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. Our physique becomes stronger and fitter because of a healthy body; in other words, we don't automatically become healthy just because of losing weight or raising muscle mass.

2. Leave feelings of anxiety and self-loathing

It is human nature to want to be accepted into a group, where they feel welcome and find a family. But this trait can cause anxiety in us, whether we can meet a standard to be accepted in a particular group. To avoid hating yourself, remind yourself to do point 1.

3. Pay attention to the body's ability to exercise

Our body responds to the most exercise when the body feels relaxed, the muscles relax, and flexible. If we try to train one particular part of the body too hard, the results obtained will be the opposite, the body will become stiff and potentially injured. This is common if exercising regardless of the body's abilities. Relax and observe your body's abilities, then set appropriate fitness targets.

4. Have fun at the gym

The nervous system and muscles in the body are a whole highly sophisticated system and sponsor better against sensory stimuli than mechanical. That is, going to the gym because we are passionate about pursuing a certain level of fitness will be more effective than if we think of going to the gym to reduce or add something in us.

5. Breathe

How to do point 4? The mind influences feelings, and our feelings affect the health of our body. (Anger and hate can cause high blood pressure, for example.) Pay attention to your breathing: is it shallow and fast, or silent and forms a certain rhythm? Slowly, calm the system in your body with breathing relaxation that keeps your body healthy. After appreciating health, appearance is no longer the most important thing, right?

So that's 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Body Image that you can follow and apply hopefully with me making articles like this you can live healthier.

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