6 Easy Ways to Enlarge and Build Thigh Muscles

M.OHANG - 6 Easy Ways to Enlarge and Build Thigh Muscles, Those who are just starting a weight lifting exercise only focus on forming their upper body and do not care about their lower muscles, namely thighs and legs.

Large body muscles without being balanced with the formation of leg and thigh muscles will look not ideal and disproportionate. Besides, the program of muscle formation will run not maximally. Because even if you can lift heavy weights with muscular hands, it will not be maximal if the strength of your leg muscles is zero.

Legs and thighs are the strongest parts of the body because it can withstand the weight of the body that is lifting weights. Therefore, you need to train the muscles of the legs and thighs. The way users can not be equated with how to train muscles in general.  Here I will focus more on providing the 5 easiest ways to build and enlarge the thigh muscles at home without any tools.


6 Easy Ways to Enlarge and Build Thigh Muscles

1. Squats Jump

Squat jump exercises are leg exercises that have two movements, jumping and squatting. This movement can tighten and firm the muscles of your thighs. Usually, this movement is carried out as a warm-up movement (or initial movement).

To perform this move, try opening your legs wide, positioning your hands horizontally as a counterweight) then bend your knees until it feels like your thighs are horizontally aligned. Next, make the perfect, high jump by pushing the toe off the floor and landing slowly to the original squat position.

2. Single-Leg Squats/Squat Pistols

Besides being able to train your quads and hamstring muscles, this exercise will also train your body balance. Perform this movement by stretching both hands forward and parallel to the shoulder and then lifting one of the legs forward.

Lower the body down with one leg still raised, then lift your body again slowly until it touches the starting position and does it with the other leg. If you are not strong enough to do this movement, you can make it easier by holding on to a bench or pole around.

3. Curtsy Lunge

This movement is a variation of the unilateral squat by targeting your outer thighs, and your inner thighs.

This movement can be done dynamically or explosively. This movement is unique because it has three areas of movement, rotation, side to side, and front to back. To do so, start the body by standing with legs as wide as hips and arms on both sides of the body, taking a long step backward in a funnel.

Balance the body with the front legs when the hind legs are in the position of the shin vertically. Bend your knees as low as possible until there is pressure on the thigh muscles. To help the balance of the body, you can also move your hands towards the bending of the back knees.

4. Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunge movements can be performed with the body standing upright and positioning the legs as wide as the hips. Keep your waist straight by keeping your raised shoulders and other supporting muscles. Also, use your abdominal muscles (To get balance).

Step one foot back and lower the body as low as possible. Keep both feet at an angle of 90 degrees. Then push the body up to get back to its original position.  This exercise will target your quads cord muscles, buttocks, hamstrings, calves, and abdomen.

5. Bulgarian Split Squat

This movement can train (your thigh muscles so that it can form clearly. This movement is done with the help of a bench or chair that is located behind your body. Then stand up straight and place one of the legs on the bench. Lower your body as low as possible and lift it gently until it returns to its original position.

6. Never Miss a Leg Day

Do these exercises until you feel contractions in your thigh muscles. Add a load like a dumbell or a kettlebell if you're getting stronger. Do the exercise as much as 5 sets with 10 repitisi to complete maximum muscle contractions.

Don't forget to always meet your daily nutritional intake to help you recover. Complete these nutrients by consuming high-protein foods of quality so that the results of exercise can feel maximal.

Those are 6 Easy Ways to Enlarge and Build Thigh Muscles. If you are still confused or have any questions regarding the explanation above, you can comment below

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