9 Beauty Treatments Before The Feast

9 Beauty Treatments Before The Feast, The feast is a day where we will meet many families, neighbors, and friends to say goodbye. Well, when you meet a lot of people like this, of course, women want to be able to look as beautiful as possible to be more maximum.

To make up that is used to the maximum, you should also do beauty treatments before The Feast in preparation. What are the treatments that should be done?


Beauty Treatments Before The Feast

Looking beautiful on the holidays is certainly not without effort. Treatment will certainly be more maximum if done before The Feast. Here are a variety of beauty treatments before Eid that you should not miss!

1. Face mask

The first beauty treatment before Eid is to use a face mask.

Face masks can be used as much as 2-3 times a week, even some types of masks with natural ingredients are claimed to be safe to use every day. Face masks can help overcome acne and blackheads, moisturize the skin, brighten, and even tighten the skin. Each type of mask with different content also has different benefits. Use a mask to suit the needs and character of your skin.

2. Facial

In addition to using your face mask at home, you can also go to a beauty salon to run facials such as facials.

The benefit of facials is to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Facials can smooth blood circulation so that the skin becomes healthier. This treatment should be carried out regularly to get maximum results.

3. Don't miss the skincare routine

Ahead of The Feast, of course, many of you are living the tradition of going home.

Homecoming may require you to spend hours or even days on the go. Even though you're going home, make sure you don't miss your daily skincare routine. Clean your face at least twice a day, avoid using wet wipes and you can use mineral water if there is no other option to wash your face. Don't forget to use sunblock and moisturizing regularly to protect the skin and keep it moist.

4. Body Scrub

The next beauty treatment before Eid is to use a body scrub.

Facial care is important, but of course, body skincare is also no less important to do. Body scrubs can help remove dead skin cells and provide various benefits of Body scrubs for your skin such as moisturizing, brightening, and smoothing the skin. This one skincare can be done once a week. Just like a mask for the face, body scrub type should also be tailored to your skin needs.

5. Hair SPA

Hair may be most interesting on holiday, but the treatment is still not to be missed.

Do not allow hair to crumple or tangle on the feast day. You can do a hair spa a few days before Hari Raya. Beauty treatments before The Feast of this one certainly do not have to always be done in the salon. Hair spa or cream bath can also be done at home using hair care products that you can easily get at the drug store.

6. Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure are also one of the beauty treatments before The Feast that many women choose.

During The Feast, we will greet many people, of course, if the nails are dirty and untidy will make others uncomfortable. Just like a hair spa, this nail treatment is also not mandatory at the salon and can also be done at home.
You can start by soaking the feet with brine to clean them from bacteria. After that, you can start cutting the toenails and hands. Use a miser and nail buffer to smooth out the nails and make them shinier.

7. Rest Enough

Various beauty treatments before the Feast will be free if not accompanied by adequate rest.

Lack of rest will not only make your body look lethargic but also make the skin look less healthy and the most prominent is the appearance of panda eyes.

The appearance looks less fresh if this happens. Therefore, make sure you sleep regularly to keep your body healthy and your skin also looks healthy and also beautiful.

8. Take Care of Food Intake

Maintaining food intake is also included in beauty treatments.

For some people who have sensitive skin, their skin can be directly affected by the consumption of food. For example, skin that immediately breakouts when a person consumes foods such as nuts, fried foods, or chocolate.

If your skin character is like this, as much as possible avoid various foods that hurt your skin. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain the health of the skin. Don't forget to consume enough water to keep your skin hydrated.

9. Sports

Another thing that must be done to look beautiful during the holidays is to exercise.

Regular exercise for at least 15-30 minutes per day is very useful to maintain overall health, including the health of your skin. So if you want to look fresh on the holiday, don't miss this activity. A good exercise option is in the afternoon as it can be the right choice.
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Well, there are 9 Beauty Treatments Before The Feast that are mandatory to do. If the skin is well maintained, natural makeup alone is enough to make you look maximum on the Feast Day. Good luck!

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